Wednesday, February 29, 2012

India's Growing Obsession with Porn Culture

Three Karnataka ministers were caught on television on 7 February, pouring over a cell phone watching a woman in a petticoat gyrating wildly. The ministers lost their jobs for watching pornography in the sacred boundaries of the Legislative Assembly. The incident is a high-profile example of a classic reality: porn is pervasive through the Internet across India, easily and freely accessible, and not just available to wary politicians but to children and adults in millions of ordinary homes, writes Damayanti Datta from India Today.

The times have changed in India too. Sunny Leone, 30, the most famous international porn star with Indian roots appeared on Indian television, on the reality show Big Boss 5 and has now launched a ‘clothes-on’ Bollywood career.

The organized $12 billion (60, 000 crore) American adult entertainment industry, to which Sunny belongs, has bred explicit images beyond the limits of imagination and they are free. Fuelled by the Internet and facilitated by high-speed data service, pornography, born in dozens of studio lofts around the world, has managed to enter teenagers' mobile phones with the force of a dangerous flood. It threatens to squeeze conventional notions of morality, raises tension in bedrooms, tempts children into a world they do not understand, and initiates a culture that threatens the ethnicity of family life.

Google Trends reported that the search volume index for the word 'porn' has doubled in India between 2010 and 2012. Online porn is increasingly affordable, accessible and acceptable with instant net connectivity and flexible payment options. 7 Indian cities are among the top 10 in the world on porn search, as per Google Trends, 2011. According to a 2011 IMRB Survey, one in five mobile users in India wants adult content on his 3G-enabled phone. More than 47 percent students discuss porn every day, suggests a public school survey by Max Hospital in Delhi. Porn tops the list of cyber crimes in India, as per the National Crime Records Bureau.

New terminologies and innovative formats, borrowed from foreign cultures are trendy on the web. Anime and manga refer to Japanese formats of sexually-explicit animation and comics. The new spotlight is the service sector, with ‘shy massage girls’ seducing clients, doctors and ‘hot babes in nurse uniforms’ getting wild.

Sunny Leone takes the credit for the 'pornification' of India. She said to India Today "My presence on Bigg Boss has empowered a lot of people to be open about their sexuality." She is one of the richest adult actresses in the industry, with her SunLust Pictures in Los Angeles reporting a top line of over $1 million and she is the most-searched Google celebrity-powered by India, Bangladesh and Pakistan and has 1, 47,326 Twitter followers.

Sunny's success indicates greater acceptability of porn in everyday life. Internet is the new tool, exploding every embarrassing sexual adventure of public personalities and making every striking detail an item of private consumption. Coming after the midwife Bhanwri Devi's sex cds with Rajasthan politician Mahipal Maderna in November last year, public reaction to the Karnataka disaster has ranged from resentment to amusement, but not shock.

While Leone seeking some respectability said "A porn star doesn't automatically mean prostitute," as reported to India Today.  She spoke of her parents' initial shock turning into respect, years of hard work, professionalism, restrained personal life and how they taught her to be a "good person” and lack of regrets. Her attempt will not be too difficult for today's young adults, who grow up with cable TV, DVD players and the Internet, exposed to much more adult material than their parents.

School students these days discuss porn too. Dr Samir Parikh, chief psychiatrist at Max Healthcare, calls it "risky indulgences". In a survey on 1,000 children from top public schools in Delhi in 2010, he found that 47 percent boys and 29 percent girls visit porn sites and talk about it in school.  He said "I understand sexual inquisitiveness and peer pressure around sexuality, but pornography on the Internet is fake, unreal, often violent and downright perverted." "Moreover, a new technology in young hands could lead to irresponsible behavior and ruin their lives," he added. There have been streams of MMS scandals that have hit campuses across the country since 2004, when two Class XI students of a school in Delhi created a sensation. In many of these cases, either one partner was not aware of being filmed or did not expect the videos would get circulated.

Also, the arrival of smartphones is changing the country's porn landscape further. India has the lowest access of smartphones, 10 percent, among the youth globally. With email, social networking, chatting, messaging and gaming, it is a device much craved for by the youth. And now there are porn applications as well. It is like a 'pocket' girlfriend or boyfriend, who can strip, talk dirty, and make sexual noises. "These are some of the 'apps' that can be downloaded on smartphones," Pranesh Prakash, programme manager with Bangalore-based think-tank Centre for Internet and Society was qouted as saying to India Today. He added "App download data shows the popularity of sex-themed apps on smartphones, apart from the adults-only stores." As for the age restrictions for applications, mostly there is just a pop-up asking if one is over 17. Smartphones are the future of anytime-anywhere porn, as estimated by TRAI, as over 50 percent of all Internet users in the country access the web via mobile phones today.

The threshold of what can be called 'pornography' is changing. Mainstream and hardcore entertainment is coming closer. It's also hard to draw the line between porn and art in vulgar item numbers, from Sheila ki Jawani to Munni Badnam Hui.

Pornography lately is growing big in India. But, the U.S., particularly the Los Angeles area, has the biggest porn industry in the world, followed by London and Budapest, estimated between $4 billion (20, 000 crore) and $15 billion (75, 000 crore) annually. Top porn stars without doubt earn a quarter of a million dollars annually.

Going by India Today Sex Surveys, Kolkata has the least taste for pornography. But still it is one of the top seekers of porn online, as per Google Trends reports. Sunny Leone's CDs are bestsellers in Kolkata. Step inside the dirty alleys between shops selling electronic goods, and piles of pirated blue film come out of hiding with 120 for just a CD and 250 for one with Leone on the cover. You ask too many questions and they show you the door. The police are their friends, though motorcycles stand ready for sudden crackdowns. One said "Sunny's CD is selling like hot cakes, 200 a day." While a 33 year old customer puts away the CD in his plastic bag with quiet satisfaction and says "I will have to watch when the wife is not looking."

Watching porn alone is another rising trend among men, all thanks to the Internet. India Today Sex Surveys in 2009 suggested video as the most popular porn format with just 10 percent men out of 2,661 watching porn alone. This year the number has gone up to 44 percent. Dr Vijay Nagaswami, Chennai-based expert on sexual psychotherapy said "It is usually a sign of cybersex addiction." He said that "Compulsive porn-watchers often become dysfunctional. They stay up late for online porn to get active on instant messengers, webcams, demand more private time, neglect family, work and normal sexual activity." As for what most Indians watch. Google Trends indicates that the typical Indian porn-watcher opt for more tame keywords, 'sex' and 'how to kiss', the most.

So, has the battle against porn been lost? Anti-porn feminists in the U.S. have admitted defeat while India is not quite there. In spite of the hyper-sexualized climate, ministers do get thrown out over porn. Cyber law expert and senior associate of SNG & Partners, Rahul Sud points out "Personal consumption of porn has never been an offence. Child pornography, publishing and transmitting are."

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nokia 808: A Monstrous 41MP Camera Phone

The Mobile World Congress 2012 (MWC) kicked off at Barcelona on February 27 and Nokia announced a slew of new phones at the event. The company introduced a camera phone ‘Nokia 808’ with jaw dropping 41 megapixels of sensor.

The Nokia 808 is the largest announcement by the company at MWC. The high density 41 megapixels sensor camera comes with Carl Zeiss lens, Xenon flash and a new oversampling technology. This sensor enables to select from various megapixels options while taking pictures like 5 MP, 8 MP and up to 32 MP. It means the image will be with more pixels to work after zooming and cropping the image.

The camera can also record full HD videos at 1080 pixel and comes with Nokia Rich Recording that offers CD like audio quality. The Nokia 808 is the first mobile to have CD like audio quality without the support of external mic, previously CD like audio quality was only possible using an external mic.

The 808 is a Symbian Belle based phone, packed with 4 inch AMOLED touchscreen featuring its own CleatBlack technology for better viewing at sunlight. It’s powered by ARM single-core 1.3 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage, can be expandable up to 48 GB via microSD card. For connectivity it has Bluetooth, Near Field Connection (NFC), GPRS, Wi-Fi, 3G, micro USB and USB on-the-go support.

Along with Nokia 808 Pure View camera phone, the company has also introduced two new Windows Phone based Lumia smartphone – an entry level Lumia 610 and a high end Lumia 900.

The entry level Lumia 610 comes with 3.7 inch WVGA TFT touchscreen, 5 MP camera with autofocus and LED flash. It is powered 800 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM. It also features 8 GB internal memory and for connectivity it has Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, GPRS and GPS.

The Lumia 900 was already launched at Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas and now Nokia introduced the non-American version of Lumia 900 at MWC. Click here for more details about Lumia 900.

The Nokia 808 Pure View is expected to be priced at 29725, Lumia 610 for 12484 and the Lumia 900 would be around 31705. All these phones are expected to hit the market by May 2012.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fitness Mantra of Bollywood Stars

Have you ever wondered or green-eyed about how those Bollywood actors always keep their charm and fitness? There is no wonder if you want to know more about their fitness mantra by seeing their attractive and amazing figure. In fact, the secret is just that they follow a good diet and also work out well to maintain their perfect figure. Below comes the fitness mantra of your favorite actors Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan, and Shahrukh Khan.

Scroll down to know more about what make them look too younger to their age.

Salman Khan

There is no other word but "wow" when you see his masculine figure with that cute charming ever green hero look. Let's see what he follow to maintain his great biceps, triceps and killer abs. He does cardiovascular exercises and workout's to keep his abs in shape. Every day he does one hour of cardio, concentrating on any two body parts each time- triceps, legs, back and biceps. His fitness trainers admits that he does 1,000 push-ups a day or 2,000 sit-ups a day.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay is famous with his great stunts and best six packs. His workouts include playing basketball thrice a week and running10 miles a week to stay fit. He also concentrates on walks and treks to stay fit and keep his stamina up. When it comes to diet, he prefers pure homemade food with lot of fruits and vegetables along with a good regime of meditation.

John Abraham

John's body type is athletic with a good physique. His best part is his abs. He used to be an active player during his school days. And he always shows keen interest to build up good physique. According to his trainers he is very supportive and does everything he has been asked to. He works out every day for two three hours and which includes weight lifting and kickboxing and cardio-exercises. He concentrates more on his abs during training sections.

Hrithik Roshan

After Salman its Hrithik Roshan who took the hype of 'taking the shirt off' syndrome in Bollywood. Hrithik got an immense comment for his well built figure in his debut movie. His most attractive features are his upper body, well built shoulders and washboard abs. He follows a well maintained diet and also work out four times a week. His work out includes cardio and abs. He always tries to maintain and monitor a daily journal of his exercise routine in gym. Some of his Exercise includes Biceps and Triceps for Arms (Monday), Plain Bench Press for Chest (Tuesday), Chin ups for Back (Tuesday), Side lateral for Shoulders (Wednesday), and Leg extension for Legs (Thursday), all these exercises are to be done in 3 sets with repetitions of 10-12-15. Depending on energy levels he takes a break on the fifth day and continues the same routine.

Shahrukh Khan

Who will forget Shahrukh's well shaped six-pack abs in 'Om Shanti Om'? Shahrukh's amazing features includes his chest, back and shoulders. And he concentrates more on these features. He does circuit training like push-ups and sit-ups. Along with that he also does a lot of weight lifting and cardio. Football and cricket were included in his workout to keep his flexibility levels up. And can you believe it- He even does belly dance to keep himself fittest!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

iPhone Business Apps Help SMBs Cut Operational Costs

Many of the small and medium business (SMB) founders go through a tuff time because of the management issues. There are some challenges that are common across all SMBs, while there are others that are specific to individual owners or industries. Most of the SMB owners need be skilled and possess the quality of multi tasking, set processes in order, communicate with clients/ customers and manage business even while travelling to meet business objectives.

Considering this fact, the makers of iPhone business apps are putting in their efforts to help business leaders manage business effectively even while on the go. The customized business applications by iPhone have the capacity to a keep a track of operational activities, track leads, marketing campaigns and and productivity management which can empower entrepreneurs to run their business efficiently by keeping a watch on the critical business information without spending huge on pricey enterprise software as per a report by

Ms. Himani, iPhone analyst at OpenXcell Technolabs, a top-notch iPhone app development company says, “Based on our experience of working with hundreds of small-mid size enterprises, we gather that their major concerns are saving time and controlling costs. iPhone apps designed around their specific requirements automates critical processes and help them track resources in real time.”

iPhone is an ideal device for handling complex business process as it offers  specific features such as cloud storage, automatic update across Apple devices and voice assistant SIRI.  Considering these ideas and facts iPhone application developers are building customized apps to help business owners. Entrepreneurs are now taking the initiative and  integrating business processes with such customized iPhone apps that helps them save time in syncing dissipate data, streamline procedures and work with more agility.

A recently launched iPhone app, iPhone 4s that works on dual-core A5 chip can enhance productivity of a business, this app can support customer relation (CRM) applications with massive data, generate automated performance reports and allow decision makers to dig deep into critical business data for taking informed decisions. It also supports fast processing of rich multimedia data.

Ms. Himani explains giving an example, “For one of our clients, we designed a project management app. It aimed at coordinating teams working from multiple locations for accomplishing the project. After using the iPhone app for their project management, our client achieved higher productivity levels and error-rate dropped off significantly.”

The above mentioned are just few instances where iPhone apps are helping SMBs to run business efficiently and constructively whilst staying cost effective. Companies are now looking forward to incorporate customized business apps to delight their customers with speedy services and get an edge over the competition.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

5 Concepts for Apple, We Wish to be Real

Apple products are famous for its innovation and attractive designs. Here are some interesting Apple concept products over the net which are developed by Apple fans. Keep in mind that these are just a concepts and Apple has not officially designed any of these products. Have a look at the innovative products which Apple fans would love to see in the market.

1. Quicktake, the iCamera

Apple is doing well with the iPhone camera, but have you ever imagined about an Apple camera. The Yanko Design has come up with an Apple iCamera concept called ‘Quicktake.’ The camera has an innovative ever seen design with rotatable screen, its graphic interface looks like an iPad with full touch screen.

The camera features a HD microphone that can record full HD sound-reduce unwanted noise- voice controlled for taking pictures, 32 MP camera lens, 1080 pixels of video recording, 3D panorama mode, LED flash and a wide high-definition LED backlit touchscreen which can spin 360 degrees. It also supports GPS, Wi-Fi, Airprint, Airplay, Photobooth, autofocus, inbuilt editing, HD speakers, social network support and proximity sensor.

2. Apple Treadmill

Recently Apple filed a patent for treadmill that can be hooked up with your iPhone or iPad. The treadmill features a slot for inserting iPhone or iPad and a touch-pad for controlling speed and other adjustments. The data like calories burn and run are stored to your iPhone which you can share it to your PC or cloud for further reference of tracking your runs.

3. iWatch

There are many smart watches in the market which runs on Android OS and has music player, Twitter, Facebook and weather apps.  These watches can also access to an app store for additional functions and is compactable with your smartphones through Bluetooth.

Now Italian outfit ADR Studios has come up with a new concept designed iWatch for Apple. This concept watch features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 16 or 32 GB internal memory, LCD touchscreen, front facing camera is integrated with RSS readers, social networking and other apps support,

4. iJewelry

Another Yanko Designed Apple concept product is iJewelry. Yes the designer has come up with tech-jewelry like ring and bangle for Apple. The iRing is actually a Bluetooth device and looks quite pretty to be worn on your finger. You can connect the iRing to your iPhone or iPod. The iRing features touch function for controlling volume, play, pause and all other media functions.

The iBangle is designed for wrist, which can be a next generation iPod Nano. It features multi-touch functionality, Bluetooth, aluminum body, music controls and a cushion inside the ring blows air to keep the bangle grip against your wrist.

5. iGlasses

Another innovative concept by some Apple fans is the iGlasses. The spectacle has display which shows what’s going on in your smartphone. It displays notifications like new message and emails. The glasses can be connected with Bluetooth and acts as a head-up display for web browsing, viewing images and watching videos.

Recently a report said that Google will launch hi-tech glasses with in-built computer display. These Google glasses will be armed with cameras, an Android operating system, and could be on sale soon. This shows the possibility that Apple may also come up to play in this new field.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The New Face of TV in American Households The New Face of TV in American Households

About one third of broadband equipped households in the U.S. now stream video and TV shows regularly from internet based services rather than depending on the cable providers, showed a survey from research firm Parks Associates.

Survey also had interesting facts like rather than the younger generation, online streaming devices appeal more to older people, as more than 20 percent of the consumers who bought streaming devices in 2011 holiday season were above 45 years old.

Consumers mainly shift to single use media devices like Apple TV and Roku to stream movies and TV shows via internet services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon instant video. Most of them are even ready to sacrifice their favorite pay channels, which is only available through cable service.

Kurt Scherf, analyst at Parks Associates said, "While this trend does not yet frequently equate to canceling pay-TV services, it can mean shaving some premium channels for a set of households. That’s a risk that pay-TV providers must address and a trend that both manufacturers and content providers are following with eagle eyes and plans for defensive actions."

The trend is a serious concern for cable providers. As the internet services continue to avail at a low cost and they keep on widening their contents and libraries, more users will tend to get out of the comfort of cable TV’s and join the cord cutting revolution.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Race 2 co-stars ignore Deepika Padukone

Deepika gets a royal ignore from her old pals and Race 2 co-stars at Dhawan's party

Deepika Padukone opted out of Ramesh Taurani's Race 2 after shooting for six days.

The producer in turn filed a complaint with CINTAA (Cine and TV Artists Association) against the actress. And while the governing body of the Hindi cinema industry was working out things, people from the fraternity chose to take a stand of their own. Mumbai Mirror has learnt that at David Dhawan's son, Rohit Dhawan's wedding in Goa, certain stars, who had been close to Deepika earlier, chose to stay away from her.

John Abraham, who came with his new girlfriend Priya Runchal for the party, ignored his Desi Boyz co-star completely. The two actors had reportedly, been rather close on the sets of their film earlier. According to a source, who was present at the reception party held n February 11, "John ignoring Deepika came as a shock."

Deepika did not give in to the cold vibes too easily. Despite her former co-stars from Race 2 refusing to be too cordial, the actress tried to restore relationships by going up and hugging Ramesh Taurani. "He was taken aback. He did not reciprocate too warmly," added our source.

Deepika's other Race 2 co-star Saif Ali Khan hasn't taken her decision to leave the film in a lurch, too well either. Saif, who had worked with Deepika in his home production Love Aaj Kal, Prakash Jha's Aarakshan and the Homi Adajani film Cocktail is miffed with the actress.

Ramesh Taurani admitted, "Saif is with me on this issue." When asked whether he was still a part of the film, Saif said, "I am completely with Rameshji. Race 2 is a cool script." The actor, however, chose not to comment on Deepika's controversial decision to us. When asked about it, Saif simply said, "That's none of my business."

John, however, chose not to speak on this at all.

Meanwhile The casting story so far... 

Priyanka Chopra When asked to step into Deepika's shoes by producer Ramesh Taurani, she showed him her diary. With Krrish 3 eating up her calendar space in May, she couldn't oblige.

Kareena Kapoor According to insiders, Kareena might be the one to bail out the Tauranis at their moment of crisis, considering the actress's long-standing relationship with them.

Chunky Pandey Strangely. the male cast of Race 2 has been expanding. Now, Chunky Pandey will be seen playing a Godfather prototype in the film. He said, "I wanted negative roles."

Chitrangda Sources say that Chitrangda Singh may be the one to replace Deepika. Apparently, initial talks with her have already happened. If this fails, Asin is the next candidate.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kodak to Stop Making Digital Cameras

 Photography giant Kodak has said it will stop making digital cameras in the next six months, a media report said. The 130-year-old Eastman Kodak, which invented the digital camera in 1975, has now said it will try to licence its brand to other camera manufacturers, the Daily Telegraph reported. Kodak has filed for bankruptcy protection, having lost almost 90 percent of its market value in 2011. The daily said the company struggled to adapt evan as digital photography became more popular with consumers. First, the company watched demand for traditional photographic film collapse. It stopped manufacturing film cameras in 2004 and made its final roll of 35mm colour film in 2009. It also saw smartphones eat into the lower end of the digital camera market. Just six years ago, Kodak was one of the three leading digital camera makers in the world. Kodak's chief executive and chairman Antonio Perez has reportedly decided that the company's future lies in the digital printer business.

Monday, February 13, 2012

India Ranks High in Corruption-Hit Nations: Court

India ranks prominently high in the list of countries plagued by corruption, a Delhi court has said while handing down one year imprisonment to two convicts in a 24-year-old graft and forgery case.

Observing that the anti-corruption measures in India were perceived by people to be ineffective, Central Bureau of Investigation Special Judge V.K. Maheshwari said that corruption was a scourge that not only affected progress and development in society but also posed a grave challenge to governance.

"Unfortunately, India ranks prominently high in the list of countries plagued by corruption. Anti-Corruption measures in India are perceived by the people to be weak and ineffective," the court said.

"The United Nations Global Report on Crime and Justice quotes public opinion surveys in a number of countries, to point out that citizenry in those countries ranks corruption as one among the five most important problems facing their society," the court said Thursday, in a verdict that has just become available.

The judge said people's doubts over the ability of the criminal justice administration to deal with the corrupt led to public cynicism and distrust in almost all government institutions.

The court awarded one year rigorous imprisonment to O.P. Dabas and A.K. Puri for helping a Tihar Jail inmate get shifted to a state-owned hospital and avail nursing home facilities in 1988. The court also imposed a fine of 60.000 each on the convicts.

Dabas and Puri helped Gurbux Biryani, arrested in a drugs case, to shift from jail to Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan (LNJP) Hospital and then to the adjoining G.B. Pant Hospital and avail special nursing home facilities on two occasions July 28, 1988 and Aug 5, 1988. Biryani died Jan 25, 2010 during trial.

Dabas was working as reception assistant in G.B. Pant Hospital and Puri was the brother-in-law of Biryani.

The court held both of them guilty under the provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act, criminal conspiracy and forgery.

The court acquitted Jolly Bansal, a doctor, and Sushil Kumar, an LNJP hospital employee.

"Ashok Puri in connivance and conspiracy with Dabas had got Gurbux Biryani illegally admitted to LNJP Hospital and managed false and forged admission summary/transfer summary on the basis of which in furtherance of his criminal conspiracy along with O.P. Dabas got Biryani admitted to G.B. Pant Hospital on July 28, 1988 and Aug 5, 1988," the court said.

CBI prosecutor Brajesh Shukla examined 55 witnesses in the case

Woo with Chocolates on Valentine's Day!

With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, people in love are frantically looking for the perfect gift. But what better to give than chocolate?

Studies have proved that women and men react differently to chocolate—it is more of a physical reaction in women than it is to men. But this doesn’t mean men love chocolate less; in fact, members of the fairer sex in Japan and South Korea give chocolates to men on Valentine’s Day. Men in the US army were shipped Milton Hershey’s Ration D chocolates during World War II as a morale boost and as a high-energy, pocket-sized ration of energy that was bitter enough to not create cravings. Between 1940 and 1945, it is reported that over 3 billion bars of chocolate were produced and distributed to soldiers throughout the world.

But which is the best chocolate to give? Take a look and choose for yourself!

Swiss chocolate: Swiss chocolates have gained international repute because of their quality—they are hailed to be the best brands of chocolate in the world. These chocolates are always considered to be the best form of chocolate to be gifted to loved ones. An expensive brand of this type of chocolate available in India would be Lindt.

Home-made chocolate: Chocolates from Ooty, Coonoor, and Kodaikanal are all very popular as a result of their sweetness and unique texture.

Hershey’s: Any chocolate from this brand would be widely appreciated. After all, this was the company that made chocolate so widely popular! The brand is most wide-known for its “Hershey’s Kisses” line of chocolates, as well as for its chocolate (and other flavored) syrup.

Bournville: This dark chocolate from Cadbury is not for those who would prefer milk chocolate. Being highly popular with lovers of almost pure cocoa, you could gift this valentine if he/she has a craving for bitter-sweet chocolate. One can get a number of varieties in this line as well, some of which are “rich cocoa”, almond-seeded chocolate, and fruit and nut bars of Bournville.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

4 Fruitful Yoga Lessons For Entrepreneurs

Yoga has gained huge recognition due to its advantageous effects in all aspects of life. The aim of practicing yoga is to balance mind and body to attain healthy lifestyle to meet day to day challenges. Yoga and entrepreneurship are two different worlds but still have some similarities like discipline, balance, concentration, flexibility etc.

Entrepreneurs have to face many challenges and responsibilities to achieve goal at work and practicing yoga keeps them going to meet their day-to-day business objectives and eventually helps them in the long run, an article by Young Entrepreneur Council speaks about the pros of inculcating Yoga on routine basis.

1) Be Present:

Yoga teaches ‘Being Present’. This is a simple lesson that teaches how to keep expectations aside and minimize distractions, which will helps the mind be focused at every prospect of work. This lesson translates very well for an entrepreneur’s life as they go through a roller coaster ride to meet work responsibilities, this will help them eventually in the long run to face challenges. Practicing yoga builds concentration and improves presence of mind so that the entrepreneurs can give full attention to each new task that comes their way.

2) Be Restraint:

The lesson of being restraint teaches how to maintain a balance between challenge and comfort. This lesson interprets well into entrepreneurship, sometimes we readily accept challenges to achieve new goals and the other day we prefer to be at our comfort zone. Sticking with comfort zone sometimes probe not so fruitful in the way of success but on other hand quicker and harder does not make big achievements always. The in-depth trick of this lesson is to turn down comfortable habits and become aware of your actual needs. Be watchful of your ‘restraint’ tendencies and dig out the work that suits you the best.

3) Be diligence:

Yoga teaches practitioners to be diligent enough to achieve success. Yoga improves concentration power and persistence, the more you work hard the more expert you will become in a particular field. Sometimes shortcut route tempts entrepreneurs to attain success more quickly and easily but these shortcuts prove to be wrong as always but at times even if these shortcuts turn out to be right some of the valuable lessons are missed in the process the lesson yoga teaches here is hard-work that surely pays off when it comes to achieving goals successfully. Ensure to set practical goals and never get disheartened if your set route is taking time to reach the desired goal, the only mantra at this step would be try again and again to attain success in a diligent way.

4) Stress reduction:

Stress reduction lesson is one good essence of yoga that translates well with entrepreneurs. Though stress is a normal event that occurs in life but it has proved to be futile at many circumstances and hampered productivity.  Stress for longer period is not good for mind and body because it can affect your work life to a great extent. Yoga helps reduce stress, increases resilience and also increases energy level that brings healthy work environment and concentration at work.

Friday, February 10, 2012

iPad3 with 'Retina Display' Coming in March

 Apple is holding an event in March where the company will introduce its latest iPad 3. The next generation iPad will have faster chips and better graphics, Xinhua reported quoting the technology news site AllThingsD. The report states, “Sources say the company has chosen the first week in March to debut the successor to the iPad 2, and will do so at one of its trademark special events. The event will be held in San Francisco, presumably at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Apple’s preferred location for big announcements like these”.

The new tablet, which will probably be named iPad 3, will feature a Retina Display or something close to it. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S have Retina Display. As the human eye can only see around 300 pixels per inch, the screen of these smartphones have 326 pixels per inch, making texts and images look more similar to a high quality printed version.

The AllThingsD report adds, the device will be similar in form factor to the iPad 2, but will be running a much faster chip, sporting an improved graphics processing unit, and featuring a 2048×1536 Retina Display. The Apple spoke person has not commented anything about the timing of the event and the availability of this new device in stores.

It expected that the device will follow the same schedule as that of the iPad 2, which was available in stores about a week after the event. All Indian Apple fans can hope that iPad3 will be released soon in India.

iPad 3 Coming Next Month

 Apple will introduce its latest iPad 3 here next month, media reports said Thursday.

The next generation iPad will have faster chips and better graphics, Xinhua reported quoting the technology news site AllThingsD.

It did not say when it will hit stores.

The new tablet, which will probably be named iPad 3, will feature a Retina Display or something close to it. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S have Retina Display.

As the human eye can only see around 300 pixels per inch, the screen of these smartphones have 326 pixels per inch, making texts and images look more similar to a high quality printed version.

It expected the device to follow the same schedule as that of the iPad 2, which was available for purchase about a week after the event.

Apple has declined to comment on the timing of the event.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You Can't Watch Apple iTV this Year

Apple TV is been in rumors for quite long time now, the recent saying is that this Siri enabled Apple HDTV will not be launched this year. This high-end smart-TV from Apple was supposed to be launched in April or May this year, but according to Digitimes industry sources have informed them that chances of Apple launching the iTV, by this year are slim, as Sharp who is believed to be manufacturing the panels for the TV is not ready to ship.

“Apple reportedly has sought to source IGZO panels from Sharp for the production of iTVs as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, which unveiled their 55-inch Super OLED and AMOLED TV models, respectively, at CES, both have regarded OLED TVs are their killer products for 2012, and therefore the two Korea-based companies are unlikely to share OLED panel production capacities with Apple” reports Digitimes.

The exact specifications of this rumored iTV is not clear, but its sure that Apple is going to redefine this industry too with this TV which will be having power-saving sleep mode more often than actually turning off, voice controlling option with Siri and also will also be compactable with iOS devices which acts as a remote to the TV. This rumored television is going to be the hub of one’s life and is said to replace the desktops of your home.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Look at the World of Glass and Touchscreen!

 Corning has released a video titled “A Day Made of Glass 2: Unpacked” which takes us on a tour to have a look at what could be the future of glass touch-screen interfaces. This video is a continuation of Corning’s last year’s video “A Day Made of Glass” which received more than 17 million views on YouTube, this video explains company’s vision in the role of specialty glasses and advanced touch-screen.

Corning's Gorilla Glass has made its significance felt in the gadget world in a very short span of time. Gorilla Glass is a super-strong, lightweight glass which can withstand drops and ill-treatment, therefore these glasses are used in most of the latest touch screen-devices and are expected to come in many future products.

The new video launched by the company highlights glass tablets, multitouch-enabled desks, solar panels, augmented reality, electronic medical records and anti-microbial medical equipment. The whole video portrays a world made of interactive glass surfaces which makes you stay connected through flawless deliverance of real-time information.

Corning Chairman and CEO Wendell Weeks says, Corning’s vision for the future includes a world in which myriad ordinary surfaces transform “from one-dimensional utility into sophisticated electronic devices.”

Corning's advancements in sleek, flexible, touch-sensitive, and damage-resistant glass materials are the solution for not just the near future, but today. The company is engaged in research and partnership opportunities that will help make the vision in both videos a reality, as stated in company’s press release.

All these future technology and the contribution of glass to make them possible seems quite amazing, only time will tell which of these would take a real form and when it comes to life there are more chances that they will be having an entire new look. But to confirm anything we have to wait at least for 20 to 30 years.

UP Voters: Look, Freebies for You

Laptop politics was a point of discussion in the political class during the last Tamil Nadu assembly elections where free laptops for students was the center attraction in the long list of freebies offered by different political parties. Now, as the country witnesses a fierce political battle over the state of Uttar Pradesh, an election result that can decide the fate of even the central government, the culture for shelling out freebies is back again. While it’s an undisputable truth that the practice of offering freebies during elections vitiates the spirit of democracy, political parties do not seem to give democracy a good thought during elections. Here are some of the freebies that the leading political parties in UP has offered in their manifestos.


Every BPL family in UP will get a cow if voted to power, says the BJP election manifesto which also remembered its old time promise of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. The party offered free laptops for poor students and cycles for girls. Students will be given tablets at  1000 and laptops at 5000. BJP also offered initiatives for inclusive development for Muslim, although it opposed the Muslim sub-quota by Congress and other parties.  The manifesto offered debt waiver up to 1 Lakh for farmers, 24 hour free electricity for farmers and wheat at 2/Kg and rice at 3/kg for BPL card holders.

Samajwadi Party (SP)

A frontrunner for power and the favorite of opinion polls, Samajwadi Party stands a good chance of romancing with power once again and is all out to ensure this with a slew of freebies. Mulayam Singh's manifesto is centered on education and the party offers free education till class 8th for all and free school dress to girls. The party offers free education for girls till graduation and to facilitate this, free tablets will be given class 10th pass students and laptops to class 12 pass students. Fee exemption in private higher and vocational institutions is promised for students from low-income families. To woo the Muslim voters, SP promises speedy implementation of Rangnath Mishra Commission and Sachar committee recommendations. New government educational institutes in Muslim dominated areas, separate reservation in jobs for Muslims, immediate release of innocent Muslims jailed in relation to different terror cases and special budget for technical education in madarsas are a few of other freebies offered in the manifest. Eying the agricultural class, it offers loans at 4 percent to poor and marginal farmers in the state.


Pitching its best tactics and strategies, the Congress party hopes high on the UP elections and the party powerhouse at the centre expect nothing less than its resurrection to power in the state. Leaving no stone unturned, the Congress party under the umbrella of the youngest Gandhi of the Nehru dynasty has opened the box of freebies in its 'Vision Document 2020' trying to woo the vast population of Dalits and Muslims. In its election manifesto for Uttar Pradesh, Congress offered sub-quota for the most backwards Dalits, backward Muslims and free power connections for the poor. It also offered 4.5 per cent reservation for the backward minorities, 50 per cent reservation for women at panchayat polls, women police stations in every district and marriage grant of 10,000 to the SC/ST girls. Congress also claimed that the party would bring metro rail in major cities, open 500 model schools across the state, create 20 lakh jobs, offered 3000 crore package for weavers and will initiate ‘madarsa modernisation programme’ for the Muslim community.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Smartphone Made of Bamboo!

A 23-year-old British student will launch a mobile phone made largely from bamboo, The Telegraph reported Thursday.

The smartphone, called 'ADzero', is expected to launch later this year. Made from four-year-old organically grown bamboo that has been treated to improve its durability, the phone runs Google's Android operating system.

Kieron Scott-Woodhouse, from Shepherds Bush in London, designed the phone because he was frustrated that so many existing models looked similar to each other.

He is a student of Middlesex University. A technology entrepreneur had contacted him after he posted designs online.

The phone was initially intended for the Chinese market but an enthusiastic reception in Britain means it will go on sale in design retailers later this year, the newspaper said.

Cheers! To the Happiest iPhone App

‘Cheers’ is an upcoming social-media app which will be launched on February 9th for iPhones. This will be an enjoyable app on you iPhone, it will support you to share your love for people, place and things and will position itself as a positivity app.

To make your day’s cheerful rating go up, just take a click of your loving object, add some fine details and share. This app can be connected to your Facebook, Twitter or E-mail to make you share more and be connected over social networks and internet.

If you are looking for a spare spell of cheerfulness start making the list of your favorite people, place and things and just wait patiently with a smile.

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