Saturday, February 27, 2010

Most expensive phone

A British aggregation aftermost year apparent what is believed to be the world's best big-ticket adaptable buzz -- a gold iPhone encrusted with about 200 diamonds.

Called the iPhone 3G Supreme, it was reportedly commissioned by an bearding Australian businessman. The phone, advised by Stuart Hughes for the Liverpool-based Goldstriker International, is fabricated from 22-carat gold. It has 136 chunk in the advanced bezel and an Apple logo fabricated out of no beneath than 53 diamonds. The phone's advanced aeronautics button comprises a attenuate design of 7.1 carats.

The phone, which took over ten months to make, ships with a seven kg chest crafted from a distinct block of granite, account with Kashmir gold and lined with Nubuck covering on the inside.

Price:1.92 actor pounds