Friday, September 16, 2011

7 Lies that men tell women

Sometimes, one might say, lying is necessary, but otherwise, they might be better off just admitting the truth.

Men can try to justify their lies by convincing themselves that they're simply optimising their truth management skills, but at the end of the day, they know deep down inside that they've been keeping the truth neatly tucked away. Here are some of the most used lies by men.

Lie # 1: No, you don't look fat
You and your boyfriend are preparing for a night out and you ask him, "Do I look fat in this? The best answer that will come from them is, "No, of course you don't look fat." Other than ignoring your question, this is the only way, the men feel, to come out of the situation unscathed.

Lie # 2: We'll talk about it later
This little phrase helps most of the men end an argument or potential squabble. In most cases, men really don't want to "talk about it later," they never want to talk about it, actually. Putting off the possibility of a fight gives them some time to underline the uselessness of arguing over something so minute.

Lie # 3: You remind me of Jennifer Lopez
The ultimate compliment can also be your boyfriend's biggest lie. Comparing you to an incredibly beautiful movie star may raise your self-confidence, but let's face it - are you really that hot? You might be beautiful, but your boyfriend's lie may actually do more harm than good in certain cases.

Lie # 4: I don't think of other women
Another denial of programmed emotions men face, this lie is usually called for, no matter how moral they are. They don't want to hurt you. If you believed him when he said, "I've never seen a woman more beautiful than you," this will be a piece of cake for him. If they don't think about other women all the time, they're in the clear because fantasising or drooling over a hot babe in a magazine from time to time is no crime - even a psychiatrist would tell you that.

Lie # 5: I love Meg Ryan movies
Some untruths exist simply to help men save their energy and this is certainly one of them. Instead of explaining how unrealistic, silly and boring romantic comedies are, they feel that it is better to simply tune out during the movie and reap the benefits of a happy, romantic-minded girlfriend afterwards.

Lie # 6: I love spending time with your mom
Sometimes, the key to a woman's heart is through her family. Your boyfriend will put up with your parents if he is really serious about his relationship with you. He will admit to you that he enjoys going over to your parents' house for dinner and loves every moment of time spent with your family.

Lie # 7: I'm sorry
Whether it's to escape a sticky situation or nip an argument in the bud, these two little words can come in quite handy. Used sparingly, this device is men's greatest route to turning your scowl into a smile, if it's said with conviction. Men find this as the easiest way to solve all the problems.