Thursday, June 24, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010: Brazil vs Ivory Coast: Samba boys ready for the elephants

Till date, Brazil have never lost to a team from outside South America or Europe in FIFA World Cup Hitory, a record which will be put to the test against Africa’s Ivory coast, later this evening in Johannesburg.
Brazil tops the Group G with 3 points after a 2-1 victory over last place Korea DPR. The Ivory Coast and Portugal drawed 0-0 and are tied for 2nd position in group with 1 point apiece.
If the Portugal Korea DPR match ends at draw, Brazil could secure a spot in the round of 16 with the win in this game. A victory, or even a draw, would still put them in a strong position going into the last round of group games, as they would still retain the top position in the group.
Portugal is expected to beat Korea DPR and if they do, they’ll have 4 points. so this really is an important game for the Ivory Coast, which they can’t afford to lose. They need to secure three points in order to have a realistic chance of moving to the next stage.