Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Parrot AR.Drone Gets June 22nd UK Launch

You've probably heard of the Parrot AR.Drone before this, the flying drone that can be controlled by an iPhone, allowing you to have multiplayer dogfights with other pilots too. Now this flying contraption is ready for prime time, and will be launched in the UK on the 22nd of June, and is slated to hit the US in September. The price for the AR.Drone itself has been mentioned, and will set you back $300 The games for it will be available for purchase in the App Store, such as AR.Dronegate, which is a solo game priced at $2.99; AR.FlyingAce, which is a multiplayer game for dogfights priced at $2.99; and AR.FreeFlight, which is going for free and is required to pilot the drone. Are you planning to get one of these to have some aerial fun?