Monday, October 18, 2010

Bigg Boss provides extra food, a special bed and more to help Khali ease in with the other housemates on the TV show

Kunal Guha
As viewers of Bigg Boss get ready to watch their favourite WWE star lead a normal life on the reality show, we give you a peek into how the Punjabi wrestler spent his first day:
Sleeping beauty: Thanks to Bigg Boss, Khali was provided with a special giant bed to accommodate his seven feet three inches self. Let's hope this special bed offers Khali with sweet dreams.
Egg and flow: Aware of Khali's appetite, Bigg Boss sends an extra supply of milk and 20 eggs. This was preceded by the women contestants appealing to Bigg Boss, saying, "Agar inke hisaap se khaana nahi aaya, phir hum sab so jaenge!" (If you don't send food considering Khali's appetite, we will all go to sleep). This protest was marked by the fact that the food ration in the house was already limited and the existing housemates had been complaining of getting insufficient meals.
Spilling the beans: The morning begins with a casual chat, as Khali kicks back on a bean bag. The housemates brief Khali on the rules of the house and how they've managed to survive.
Breakfast of champions: As the extra supply of food has been sent, there's no holding back for Khali. He devours a breakfast complete with 10 boiled eggs (only the whites) and a few bread toasts.
Pumping iron: Predictably, Khali decides to share his gym schedule with the housemates in the garden area. Fitness instructor, Rahul Bhatt is obviously most interested to take notes and joins him in doing push-ups and several weight-training workouts. The other men in the house just sit about watching them workout.
Shower time: As expected, the bathroom is a bit small for Khali who just about manages to crawl in for a shower with his head touching the ceiling. Once he emerges from his bath, he complains that the shower doesn't have much force, elongating the time one spends for a proper bath. He also adds that he was willing to adjust with these little things that don't bother him as much.
Sing is king: Manoj Tewari tells Khali that he's a singer, to which Khali urges him to offer a sample of his voice. Khali also adds that he doesn't like sad songs so Manoj shouldn't sing a depressing song. Eventually Manoj agrees and sings 'Hai preet jahan ki reet sada.....Bharat ka rehne wala hoon'. Khali listens keenly and seems very impressed.
Are you chicken? Hoping to keep Khali satisfied and happy, Veena prepares chicken curry and rice for the giant wrestler. He enjoys the sumptuous lunch and appreciates the effort taken to cook the meal. Rahul (the captain of the house) and Khali would be the first to eat is a rule that Bigg Boss had announced and they follow this rule religiously for all meals.
Noon siesta: Although sleeping during the day is taboo, Khali's first half manages to tire him enough to escape for a 10-minute-power nap. He is soon woken up by Ashmit and Rahul who join him for a chat. Playing dumb As a ritual in the house to play some game in the evening, the housemates gather about to play dumb charades. Initially a silent observer, Khali eventually gets excited about the game and joins the housemates to play along