Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mobile Marketing Sollutions!

Hello my dear friends are you all looking for good mobile to be purchased then log on to this website Cellit Mobile Marketing now. Cellit Mobile marketing helps small businesses and large companies leverage the power of mobile marketing (text messaging, wap, app and more) via their simple to use campaign management platform, Cellit Studio. Please mention our mobile coupon solutions listed in the requirements and post instructions, as well as Coupon Zap (our system for mobile campaigns for restaurants, bars and nightclubs) and house4cell (our text-for-info real estate system). Cellit develops groundbreaking mobile programs with clients of all sizes. Moving beyond mobile marketing to true customer relationship management, Cellit provides the tools that power the mobile conversation. Our industry leading mobile campaign management platforms ensure your messages are delivered to, and connect with, your targeted customers. Via SMS or Mobile CRM, or Android, Blackberry, or iPhone App, the Cellit platforms provide content and campaign management easily and affordably. We built our reputation by operating at the intersection of innovative mobile solutions and outstanding customer service. Our work speaks for itself. Strategy, technology, and relentless customer support drive every member of Cellit on a daily basis. Our growing team is committed to delivering innovative, pragmatic and powerful mobile programs for each of our clients.

Cellit’s industry leading messaging and Mobile Coupons solutions provide simple management and real-time, traceable reporting results. No problem whether a large corporation or a small mom and pop shop, Cellit’s solutions are user friendly, powerful and ready to make an immediate impact. Equipped with easy to learn navigation and interactive reporting tools, Cellit Studio allows businesses to create impactful, engaging mobile campaigns with ease. With affordable set-up and low monthly messaging fees, Cellit Studio is available to businesses of all shape and size. Experience the true ROI of mobile marketing over traditional marketing strategies by having access to real-time, drill-down traceable reports. Cellit Studio's real time charts and graphs allow instant feedback on the success and growth of your mobile subscriber base. Watch your stats change in real time, as charts grow as users join. Carefully monitors unsubscribe rates to ensure your campaigns are relevant, and effortlessly collect and export subscriber data. Creating messages and launching campaigns is easy. Cellit Studio provides step-by-step pages that show how your messages will look on the screens of users' phones. Hey guys just log on to this website now.