Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don't use the 'M' word: Saif to Bebo

He has requested his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor and everyone around her not to speak to the media on the subject of their impending marriage. "Don't use the 'M' word," the Junior Nawab of Pataudi has cautioned everyone.

In her interviews from the start of 2011, Kareena has tried her best to stay clear of all questions about marriage because she didn't wish to upset her beau. "But the engagement story in a newspaper earlier this week is the final straw that broke the camel's back," says an insider.

The insider from Saifeena's camp called BT to say, "Both of them have had it up to here with these constant marriage and engagement stories; especially this news report on how Kareena preferred to get engaged rather than get married. Honestly, it is the same newspaper that a while ago carried the story that Saif and Kareena were married. If the marriage story is true, then the engagement one is false. Neither of the stories were substantiated."

News has it that the huge rock that Kareena is wearing on her engagement finger has been given to her by Saif three years ago when they had just begun their relationship. The insider said, "Saif gifts Kareena jewellery quite often. Everytime he gifts her a diamond or an emerald, it doesn't really qualify as an engagement or pre-wedding gift."

Attempts to get Saifeena to comment on the subject proved futile. But their spokesperson said, "My clients aren't engaged. They have no desire to talk about their engagement or marriage at this point."