Friday, July 29, 2011

iPhone 5 'leaked' cases show larger screen, buttonless design

Internet rumour mill is flowing overtime with speculations on what are claimed to be leaked cases of Apple iPhone 5. The source of the alleged case design is a UK-based blog, Mobile Fun, which claims to have got the designs from a Chinese case manufacturer. Some reports point it to Foxconn intelligence.

The case design points to a major redesign of the iPhone with a curved back and a larger screen. Rumours of similar design changes have been doing rounds for past several months. Reports also suggest that home button will go larger amd may support gesture-based controls. Earlier this year, a Chinese publication claimed that iPhone 5 will sport an improved antenna, 4 inch screen and NFC e-wallet.

Another report in AppleInsider says that that Apple intends to release its next-generation iPhone between September 6 to 15 with an initial shipment of 4 million units.

The report quoting Chinese-language China Times also claims that the rumored release of a next-generation iPad (popularly being called iPad 3) later this year is facing delays due to component issues. Several rumors have suggested that Apple may release another iPad later this year.