Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Buyers' guide: Which Android smartphone to buy

Question: I need a good mid-level Android smartphone. I have shortlisted two options which are the LG Optimus One P500 and the Spice Mi-410. Please help.

--by Harshit Batra

Answer: Harshit, out of the two the Spice makes a better choice, simply because feature to feature you get a lot more. It records HD video, offers a higher screen resolution of 480 x 800, sports a 5MP camera, and comes with a speedy 800MHz processor.

The LG Optimus One currently sells for roughly 11,990 is priced extremely well, but if you throw in a bit more, you can get a much better phone overall in the form of Spice Mi-410 at least on paper. How it performs in the real world, is something we can tell you only after a test.

Question: Which phone would you recommend among the Samsung Galaxy Fit. Galaxy Pop, Galaxy Pro and LG Optimus One? My requirements are a good processor preferably above 600mhz a confirmed update to Android 2.3 and a good screen.

--by Rahul Ramachandran
Answer: Hi Rahul, pick the LG Optimus One if you are looking to pick a phone from the above list that offers a confirmed Android 2.3 update. But if you could skip that, the Samsung Galaxy Pop is one heck of a feature rich phone, being offered at a ridiculously low price.

Question: I am looking for a cellphone with Android 2.3. You have said earlier that the Nexus S is nicely priced at 20,000 and good but is it worth spending more for the Galaxy S2? And doesn't the Google Nexus S too have an AMOLED screen? Which other Android phones would you recommend?

--by Rohan Kapashi

Answer: The Nexus S is a great phone for the price that it is being offered at. It is true the phone does feature a Super AMOLED screen, but in some countries it was offered with the Super LCD screen due to shortage of Super AMOLED displays.

You might want to spend more on the Galaxy SII if you want a slightly larger screen and a better camera. If not, the Nexus S is the phone of choice for you.

Question: Hi, I am searching for a DSLR camera with mirrorless technology with at least 12MP sensor. It will be good if it features FullHD video recording and can shoot well in low light.

--by Aushik Chikhale

Answer: When it comes to mirror-less cameras, there is a bit of choice in the market at the moment. Unlike last year when Panasonic was the sole player, currently you can choose from the Sony NEX-5, Olympus EP-3, and the Panasonic DMC G3, which are our top picks.

If you were to put a gun to our head and ask us which one we would pick, the answer would be the Panasonic DMC G3.

Question: I am planning to buy a LED TV for my room. Since the watching distance is not much, I think a 22 inch TV would work just fine. Please suggest the best TV with good sound and picture quality. My budget is between Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000.

--by Vineeta R

Answer: Looks like you are in luck. The Samsung UA22D5000NRLXL (the name couldn't possibly have been more complicated) is the perfect TV for you. It is 22in in size and it offers full HD video output at an absolute bargain. All yours for 20,900. Enjoy.

Question: Hi, I have a budget of 10,000 - 15,000 and I wish to buy a good digital camera from Canon, given its amazing picture clarity and its features. I'm interested in photography and want to try my hand at it with a proper cam, since my 5MP phone camera does not suffice. Can you please suggest the best model?

--by Mayur Kapoor

Answer: Hi Mayur, the only camera that comes to our mind is the brilliantly spec'd and priced Canon IXUS 220 HS. It sells for 10,995 and offers a 12.1MP sensor along with a 24mm ultra wide-angle lens, 5X optical zoom and can record movies in FullHD@ 24p. A great camera to begin your photography journey with.