Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flavors of India

Indian flavors replicate a perfect blend of various cultures and ages. As India is considered to be a food paradise, it is very important for you to know that Indian food is different from the rest of the world not only in taste but also in cooking process as it is influenced by various civilizations, which have contributed their share in its overall development and the present form. As spices play a major role in Indian cuisines one should definitely know that every single spice that is used in Indian cuisines have nutritional as well as medicinal properties. This weekend let us explore the mouth watering popular Indian flavors that are rich in its taste and you are sure to have a fun filled experience while having it.

1. Sweets of West Bengal: If you are planning to visit any of the cities or towns in the State of West Bengal, do remember to have the yummy sweets that the state offers like ‘roshogollas’, ‘Sandesh', 'Cham-cham', ‘Pantua’, Misti Doi ( Sweet Curd) etc. Apart from these mouthwatering sweets, there are also many other delicacies that are also quite popular in the region of West Bengal like Hilsa( Fish) cooked in mustard sauce and the combination of rice with variety of fish is a must try.

2. Idlies and Dosas of South:  South India is quite famous in the country for its rice based dishes and the most famous amongst these are the idlis and the dosas, which can be eaten at any hour of the day to quench hunger as it is quite filling. Although most people prefer to have the normal idlis and dosas. There are also different types of Idlis and dosas that can be found in south India like Aval idli , dhal idli, Rava idli, Kachipuram idli and the number of varieties of dosas include plain dosa, onion dosa, rava dosa, masala dosa etc.

3. Chole Bature of Punjab:  The Punjabi meal, chole bhature is rich in proteins, fiber and carbohydrates and a source of instant energy. What could be more fun filling for a person to go to Punjab and eat this delicious meal on a road side Dhaba (Restaurant). The chick peas and the puris is an instant hit among adults and children, and it is also quite popular in Indian weddings and bashes. Punjab is also quite famous for other dishes like Paratha, dahi vada and lassi ( butter milk).

4. Dhoklas and Khandvi’s of Gujrat: Dhoklas and Khandvi’s are considered to be a vegetarian delight. These Gujarati snacks are quite light and can be cooked easily at home. But one should definitely go for Khaman Dhoklas and Khandvi’s that can be bought from a typical sweet shop in Gujrat. The other famous Gujrati dishes are Bajri no Rotlo (Thick millet flour flatbread usually grilled over coals), Biranj (Steamed rice flavored with saffron, sugar, and dried fruit), Batata nu Shaak (Potato Curry) etc.

5. Vara Pao and Chats of Mumbai: Vara pao is a typical Maharastrian roadside snack that can be enjoyed in the streets of Mumbai. Although you can find variety of chats in all over India, keep in mind that the vendors at Juhu sells the best chats in India as it is not forgotten to relish by anyone who visit the famous Juhu beach from India or abroad. The city of dreams, Mumbai is also famous for other foods like Batata Vada, Butter chicken, Bombay sandwich etc.