Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Australian pair reveal bookmaker contact

Australian pair Shane Watson and Brad Haddin both claim to have been approached by an Indian bookmaker.
All-rounder Watson was approached during last summer's Ashes Tour in England, while wicket-keeper Haddin received unwanted contact during the World Twenry20 competition in the Caribbean earlier this year.
Both players reported the suspicious activity to the International Cricket Council's Anti-Corruption and Security Unit but have spoken out following the current allegations surrounding the Pakistan squad.
Four Pakistan cricketers are under investigation following allegations in a Sunday newspaper that money had been taken to fix the outcome of events during the fourth Test against England at Lord's.
"It was an Indian fan, or that's what I thought it was, who knew a lot about me and what I did in the IPL(Indian Premier League) and was only too kind with his praise about how I've been playing and he enjoyed the way I played," Watson explained.
"And then it got down to a bit more 'we'd like to take you out for drinks' and that sort of thing.
"It happened a couple of times when we were at the Royal Kensington Garden in London and I just went through the right channels and (told team manager) Steve Bernard.
"The first time was in the breakfast room talking about cricket really in general and then it got to 'I'd like to take you out for a few drinks' and that sort of thing.
"The second time it wasn't so much about the cricket side of things, it was more about taking us out and wanting to have some fun in London.
"I didn't think too much more of it until I found out a bit more information and that he was actually one of the illegal bookmakers that were trying to get involved."