Monday, September 20, 2010

Now, software to catch iPhone thieves by comparing heartbeats

London: With new software on board, iPhone has turned into iCop that would detect whether a handset has been stolen by comparing heartbeats.

Apple is developing a hi-tech gizmo, which would learn the "heart signature of the owner" and compare it to whoever was using the handset.

It would be able to tell if the user was bona fide or not.

The service would also include 007-style face and voice recognition. Software would listen to voices using the phone and compare them to records of the owner talking.

Pictures taken using the in-built camera could also identify unauthorised users.

If the owner is not recognized, the handset would be shut down and sensitive information such as address books, email, passwords and text messages would be deleted automatically.

It could also go into spy mode, recording and reporting the rogue user's activities to snare the culprit.

However, the technology can be switched off if you want to lend the phone to a pal.

"It may deter thieves from stealing these expensive handsets," News of the World quoted Jim Clark, of Mintel as saying.