Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Britain to place more restrictions on entry of foreign students

London: The government of Britain is contemplating putting more restrictions on the entry of foreign students from outside the European Union into the country after it had been found that several students did not leave the country even after their course had ended, in order to settle down permanently.

It is being speculated that Britain would now issue visas only to students headed to the nation for research or full-fledged degree courses in reputed institutions. The decision by the British government would come at a time when it is being alleged that several students exploit their visas by signing up for short-term courses when their main aim is to permanently settle in the country.

Such students usually enroll for short-term courses in "bogus" colleges that are run by immigrants or other institutions where it is easy to get admissions.

British Immigration Minister Damien Green has said that the nation required a visa system wherein good students were encouraged for admission to well trusted institutions that scrutinized their applicants closely and rejected applicants that would not be of much benefit to the nation.

The British government had recently tightened the rules for visas issued to the country with several new necessary requirements such as being fluent in English and a good economic status. Also, the number of hours that students were allowed to work in a week had been reduced and restrictions had been put on bringing spouses.