Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ask her to marry you

Consider these creative options to propose to your girl and make it a memorable occasion

Surprise proposal
Pop the question when she is least expecting it. Tell your girl that you know a few magic tricks. Take a common object and replace it with the ring and present it to her. This proposal works because it has that shock element.

Be unique
You and your girl both know that you are going to propose any day now. Send her roses or her favourite flowers everyday of the week. On the seventh day, deliver the flowers personally alongwith the engagement ring. She will be glad that you have personally given her the flowers but the ring will take her by surprise.

Go public
Just like some people do not mind PDA, some people might not mind public proposals. If your girl is comfortable in busy, public places then you can propose to her in a TV show or a reality show or at public events. But you need to be sure that your girl wouldn't mind this and please do not propose something as important as marriage on a social networking site. It's way beyond tacky.

Propose Bollywood ishtyle
If your girl is a Hindi film buff, marriage proposal scenes from certain movies that appealed to her sensibilities could be a good option. Recreate that scene at your place or at an appropriate spot. Dress like the man from the scene and propose to her in the same fashion. It may seem cliched and silly to you, but finally it's what your girl likes and something that she going to remember fondly.

Tech it out
If you and your girl are tech-freaks, then prepare a slideshow of 20-30 pictures of all the memorable moments you have shared together. Add your favourite song to the slideshow to make it more personal. On the last slide, you can have the words- 'to be continued, if you will have me as your husband'. This ending is something your girl might not be expecting at all. Present her the ring after she recovers from the surprise.