Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bored in your relationship?

The day you first met, your friends saw the sparks flying almost instantly. You, of course, were too blinded by his rugged charm to notice. Then, he asked you out. The first date was a Sunday morning trek alongside a waterfall, followed by a cosy picnic lunch (cheese, wine, baguettes and sweet nothings) and then a night of partying. You'd found your dream match. But it's been a year now, and the very man who made you blush, now makes you yawn. You're utterly bored with the relationship and just don't care. So when do you know when your relationship has lost its fizz? We show you the signs:

You don't meet half as often as you used to. He prefers to work on mysterious files that always need to be submitted 'right away'.

Even when you do meet, there's little to say. You discuss the weather and stop.

You feel you're in a long-distance relationship, even when he's sitting right across the table from you.

When you think of him, there is no warm 'n' fuzzy feeling. Instead, you fantasise about chocolate.

Yes, you do get physically intimate, but there's no more hand-holding or cute pecking on the cheeks.

At the end of a date, you hope he doesn't want to meet the next day too. You'd rather sleep or read a book.

He's meeting his ex-girlfriend (the one you used to hate with a vengeance) for dinner. You either forget that he's meeting her or even if you remember, it doesn't strike you to be the least bit jealous.

When he suggests an outing, you end up roping in all your common friends. What can the two of you possibly talk about alone anyway?