Saturday, May 14, 2011

Be the perfect girlfriend

Hang out with his buddies

As much as you would like to spend time with him alone, chilling and spending time with him and his buddies will make him feel that you are easy-going and want to be involved with what he likes to do.

Buy him tickets to a game

One of the easiest things to impress him is to buy two tickets to a game he loves, the other ticket being for his friend. This clearly shows that you want him to have his time off and enjoy without you.

Do not buy clothes for him

If the two of you have just started dating, girls beware, do not buy clothes for him. This will make him think that you do not like his dressing style. He, as it stands, must be getting loads of clothes from his mother. You sure do not want him to think in those terms, do you?

Forget something feminine at his place

Purposely forget a piece of jewellery or something delicate at his place so that he is reminded of you pretty often. He will always connect you to something as delicate as that.

Leave a message behind

Send him a cute SMS about the date that happened last night, saying how cgreat it was.

Give him a quick kiss

Try giving him a quick sexy signal when his friends are around. He will have a morale boost knowing that you can give him a peck or a tight hug in front of people he knows.

Too much too bad

PDA is fine to an extent, but guys do not like it if their girls overdo it. In fact, people around you too may not be comfortable seeing the two of you and it will put off your guy. Try not smother him.

Naughty you

Wear a matching underwear and bra in light pastel shades.Give him a little peek at what's in store while you still look feminine and innocent. You will surely make him go weak in his knees!

Homemade eats

While visiting his parents, you can bake a small cake or some cookies. This will make his mom feel that her son's girl actually spent time thinking about what to give rather than just buying something from the market.

Weekend getaway

In the beginning of the relationship, plan for some adventure trips. The adrenaline rush during the trip will help both of you understand each other. This will indeed strengthen your bond.

Red alert

You can tell him how good he is as a person but never tell him how amazing your ex was. You do not want him to think that you have not got over your ex.

Praise him

Girls are used to getting compliments. But try praising your man every now and then, he will really feel special and wanted.