Thursday, May 12, 2011

NASA website hacked

WASHINGTON: Software scammers offering cheap Adobe software have hacked into numerous web pages of NASA, just days before its final launch of the shuttle Endeavor, and Stanford University.

According to Fox News, hackers compromised pages on NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory website, before the May 16 scheduled launch of the shuttle Endeavor.

The affected pages included barrages of "nonsense text" and interest-generating keywords, like "Edit buy adobe premiere pro cs4 some callouts and balloons to make this time it took you and saved you a long time," the report quoted technology site Computerworld, as saying.

The scammers employed the effective tool of search engine poisoning, by which they tricked Google into ranking their manipulated pages at the top of its rankings, to draw attention of netizens.

NASA removed its website, but other targets including Web pages belonging to Stanford, Syracuse and Northeastern Universities, still have not.