Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Aduition Art

Hi friends welcome to my blog are you all looking for best auditioning advice is Audition Art is an information resource for actors and performers, covering subjects important to you - career advice, tip of performing and acting, and industry insights. Actors dread auditions. So much stress! Only two minutes to prove your worth! first time auditions. What kind of sadist designed this torture-tunnel of judgment? For anxious actors, auditions are miserable. But for thrill-seekers and attention seeker auditions are an exhilarating experience. Audition Art’s team of over 50 writers and contributors are experts in their respective fields with a passion for helping you achieve your goals. Founded in 2007 as Auditions Only, open casting calls we changed our name, and re-designed the website based on feedback, opinions and critique from our readers. Getting the job Being a professional artist means nothing if you can't seal the deal. Knowing where to look for work and mastering the arts of auditioning, marketing, and networking will put you ahead of the pack.Improving your craft Art is all about continuing to get better and expanding your abilities. Whether it’s acting techniques or ways to get ahead, there’s always more to learn from others. Only fellow artists can understand how hard life can sometimes be when you’ve made art your profession. Come here and rekindle that flame.