Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LG launches 'slimmest' LED, 3D cinema monitors

LG Electronics India has broadened its monitor portfolio with the launch of 3D cinema monitor, world's slimmest LED monitors and IPS monitor.

Built with FPR technology, the LG 3D cinema monitor offers a brighter display and clearer images. LG E60 and E90 is built with LG's Image Booster software that enhances the quality of steaming content from various video sites. With the launch of an all new range of monitors, LG expects 8%-10% of additional revenue in IT divison with a marketing investment of Rs 6.5 Cr.

Speaking at launch, Sanjoy Bhattacharya said, "The launch of new range of monitor series has set a benchmark and we expect good response within next quarter. Presently we have 33.7% (Standalone Monitor market share and we target to achieve 42% by end of 2011."

LG 3D cinema monitor
The LG cinema 3D monitor is free from flicker and crosstalk which means viewers can watch 3D content for longer. Cinema 3D has a Light Boost feature, a thin film covering the screen that delivers twice as bright as the conventional 3D. LG cinema 3D monitors also offer flexible viewing positions.

LG E 90 monitor
At just 7.2mm-thick, E90 monitor is claimed to the world slimmest LED monitor. The monitor boasts of a slim design and comes with energy saving features.

LG E 60 monitor
LG E 60 comes with LED backlighting, mega contrast ratio, easy-to-use EZ Control OSD, photo effects and a 5 millisecond response time. In line with LG's eco-friendly policy, E60 monitor series offers a set of eco-conscious features including reduced energy consumption -- as much as 45 per cent less than conventional LCD monitors -- and reduced use of hazardous materials such as halogen or mercury.

LG E81 monitor
LG E81 monitor offers a slim profile and is claimed to be more energy efficient compared to conventional monitors. The monitor supports Super-Resolution technology which decreases image blur and image degradation.

IPS monitor
IPS technology offers almost 180 degrees viewing angle. In addition to larger viewing picture, it offers a faster response time, thereby eliminating shadow effect images of the pictures. The 6 axis color control ensures that the color of the images stay true. The panel also offers lesser energy consumption.

The monitors are priced between Rs 6,500 to Rs 16,000