Thursday, June 23, 2011

Compression Stockings & Support Hose

Hi friends welcome to my blog for the best Medically approved, graduated compression support hosiery, stockings and socks reduces the symptoms of varicose veins and boosts circulation for men and women. For lightweight support and a sheer look, try the Jobst Ultrasheer light support knee high compression stockings. Silky and comfortable, these compression stockings offer the ultimate in sheer look and style. They provide outstanding therapeutic support in a variety of sizes and colors.The nylon/spandex blend of fibers in Jobst Ultrasheer light support knee high compressions stockings creates a soft fabric that is easy to wear. Their classic look and styling make them the perfect compression stocking for any business, casual or elegant occassion. Ultimate comfort, stylish styling and durability make Jobst compression stockings an excellent choice for optimal leg health.These graduated, mild support hosiery in a 8-15 mmHg never felt or looked so good, so sheer it's hard to believe their support hose!This superb product, is lightweight yet supporting, uses a totally new construction technique that FINALLY gives you graduated support hose that looks and feels like regular fashion hosiery.A sheer material made with a jersey knit construction, so they look just like regular fashion pantyhose. Great for light to moderate support and for everyday business wear, to make your legs feel great and relieve aching legs or mild leg or ankle swelling.