Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Has the Internet become your wife

Ever imagined technology turning into a nagging spouse? Well, if one goes by the latest joke doing the rounds, it already has.

An interesting Web post that is fast becoming a viral states, "Facebook wants to know "what's on my mind?", Twitter wants to know "what's happening", Foursquare wants to know "where I am?" and Orkut wants me to "say something" DAMN! The INTERNET is turning into a WIFE." Reacting to this post are social networking users who admit that the World Wide Web has indeed taken over the reins of their lives completely and always wants to know too much!

In fact, the Internet is more demanding than a wife, says actor Sammir Dattani, who got married to girlfriend Ritika Jolly recently. "The Internet asks me more questions than my wife. It is attention seeking, always wants to know whether I like something and also nags me by reminding me of events and birthdays. My wife does not demand so much from me!" quips the actor who admits he is a slave to the Web too. "The Internet has taken over my life just like my wife did. So, the Net is kind of like my wife too."

Just like interrogative questions start pouring in right from the 'girlfriend stage', networking sites too start prodding you no sooner you sign up for it. Says actor Aamir Ali, who has been in a long term relationship with Sanjeeda Sheikh, "But at least online, you can write or post only what you are comfortable with. If you don't want to share any information, you don't have to. With your wife or girlfriend, you have to explain every single detail even if you are not at home for a while," he says.

It's one vicious cycle of social addiction - the more you are hooked, the more frustrated you get. Ethical hacker Ankit Fadia can't help but laugh at the joke that compares the Web to a wife. "Yes, the Internet demands way too much from us these days. Most of us feel compelled to post stuff and are under constant pressure to keep posting details, just to ensure your life seems cool enough for your friends to 'like' and 'follow'. Let us live life the way we want to instead of constantly telling the Net what we are doing!"