Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Opera Mini, India's Second Popular Web Browser

Opera Mini browser is the second popular web browser in India, reveals Opera: ‘state of Mobile web’ report. Huge amount non-Smartphone users prefer to browse through opera mini which is installed in maximum phones as it comes as free software and moreover, most smartphones support opera mini 4.1 version. State of the mobile web is the latest findings of opera which tracks down the usage of opera mini browser.

More on the findings say that over 22 countries have crossed the million marks for the number of opera users around the world including Russia, Indonesia, Ukraine, U.S, china among others. Last month 140 million users used opera mini globally, marking a huge increase of 83 percent last year. Again, 86 billion pages were viewed by users, which is about 103 percent increase from the previous year.

Moreover, Google, Facebook and YouTube are the three most popular website on the along with websites such as,, rank amongst the top 10 websites accessed from Opera Mini users in India. Nokia 2690, 2700c and 5130 are the most preferred phones to use Opera. The united operation of Nokia Phones and Opera Mini browser in India adds up millions of users in the country.

The most recent version of Opera Mini is now accessible in Android, Blackberry and Apple Smartphones. The major sensation of Opera is that it compresses Web-pages before sending to Smartphones with good speed.