Friday, December 30, 2011

Most Popular Free Startup Tools

Established companies have the necessary funds to invest in technology, but startups might have to think twice before making such a huge investment. Here are the most popular free startup tools which would ensure that you have the best in the market and are virtually free.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular free web analytics product used by startups. It provides a detailed analysis of the type, demography, and volume of traffic that the company website gets from various sources. This would help the startup measure the effectiveness of its online marketing strategies. Google analytics provides a detailed description on the page views over a timeline, the bounce rate, number of unique visitors, the time spend on the page, and so on. It has been used by a majority of the startups in the category of web analytics and leaves its competitors Webtrends, Omniture, and the others far behind.


Gmail, which is trying to improve its services continually and increasing the free space available to the users is used a majority of the startups, way ahead of its competitors Outlook, Go Daddy, and Rackspace. Gmail offers around seven GB of free space and the Google App provides 10 free custom e-mail addresses for small businesses, and integrates the email with its huge platter of calendar, map, docs and many others.


Dropbox provides a platform to share files and folders from different locations. It provides free storage for upto two GB and is chargeable after that. The tool ensures that you are able to synchronize your folders across systems and make the updated files available to those whom you share them with. It leads its competitors, with a majority of the startups using it in the storage, backup, and virtualization category. This tool ensures that the entrepreneurs can work from various locations and provides a safe, and provides an expanded space of upto 10 GB through referrals.


Salesforce, the enterprise cloud computing company helps in collaborating employees and customers. It leads its competitors Sugar CRM, Highrise, ZOHO, and Saleslogix and is used by a majority of the startups. It helps companies to organize, automate and synchronize their business processes. It is available online and also as a mobile app. The various services provided by Salesforce can be integrated with Microsoft Office and various social networking sites. It helps the companies to organize the information collected from the customers and is immediately available to the managers while the salesmen are still on the field.


QuickBooks provides various accounting functions and reports, where the users can send cheques, invoices, make and accept payments, calculate taxes and much more. It has a provision to import the reports to Excel so as to formulate various finance models, and has various add-ons depending on the type of business. It is used by a majority of the startups, and leads the competitors Excel, Xero, Freshbooks, and Great Plains.