Friday, December 9, 2011

Shopping Apps for Indian Users

Apps are invading the market for various platforms; it has been available for shopping too. As people indulge in more shopping to guide them about the offers these apps have been brought up. There are numerous apps available today in the market which users can explore for a pleasant shopping experience. Even shopaholics who frequently shops and also malls have fancied using them.

Shopping Apps for Indian Users in order to keep them aware of the discounts and prices of various products.

eBay India

The eBay India Android app supports the barcode scanning technology of RedLaser so users can prefill the item details just by scanning the barcode of the product. The app comes with a nice home screen, where users can easily revise their Active Selling list, edit their unsold list and can even schedule an auction.

Those who use feature phones can also use the app through their phone browsers. It gives country options where users will have to select their country, accept terms and they are ready to shop. Through the eBay India app, users are able to do almost everything like browse, shop and sell along with managing their eBay activity.

They are also allowed to save their default search options so conducting the same search next time would not be difficult for them. The app is especially good for the sellers who can easily enter their shipment details, or can simply list what they intend to sell with the help of barcode scanner.


The ngpay Android app meets most of the shopping, entertainment and travel needs of the users. Every time users shop with the app, they earn reward points called ngPoints which can be later redeemed through exciting offers and deals. Ngpay android app is the best android app to book Travel tickets, movie tickets and shopping which can be done from your mobile phone.

The app allows users to pay using various types of credit or debit cards. The Android app makes sure the transactions are secure by asking for a six digit PIN every time. The PIN is not stored on the mobile handset either, so there is no risk for the users. The ngpay Android app is free for download.


This Android app from Naaptol allows people to shop easily on the Naaptol website. Here the users can browse more than 2 lakh products across 500 categories and they can get detailed information about those products as well. The app makes it very easy for the users to browse through the Naaptol database where even user generated sorting is also allowed.

With this app the buyers can have better shopping experience and meet their needs according to their budget. All these shopping apps are specially meant for people who do not have the idea of prices and discounts in the stores.