Friday, October 14, 2011

Five famous Diwali Sweets from Different Parts of India

Diwali a festival of lights represents the victory of good over evil, a time for also sweets and gifts. One can find different types of sweets during diwali season. Sweets are prepared on this occasion to their friends and neighbors. Although people mostly buy them from shops, preparing the sweet at home will be double delicious as well as hygiene. Let's have a look at a few mouth watering sweets prepared during diwali all around India.


Rasgullas are a popular sweet during festival times. These small round shaped sweet is a milk based dessert made from a type of chhena which is an Indian cottage cheese, dough and cooked in sugar syrup. It's native to the Indian state of Orissa. Rasgullas are spherical in shape.

Gajar ka halwa or Carrot halwa

One of the tastiest Halwa prepared in all the Indian houses. It is one of the mouths watering sweet dish prepared by graded carrot cooked in Milk. This is very easy to prepare and definitely not a diet food. Gajar ka halwa served on Diwali makes the festival all the more memorable.

Holige or Obbattu

Holige or Obbattu is a very famous dish prepared in Karnataka and also in Maharashtr a known as Puran Poli. A kind of sweet flat roti, with the holige or the sweet mixed with coconut is stuffed in it. There are many varieties, like peanut holige, sugar holige, Coconut holige, tur dal holige, sesame seed holige etc. lot of patience and experience is needed to prepare this dish. They add a pinch of turmeric to make it look yellowish

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is also regarded as a popular Diwali sweet. It is prepared from Khoya or conce ntrated milk solids, refined wheat flour, sugar, chenna or pressed milk curd, rose water and cardamom. Pure ghee is generally used for its preparation. It is popular in countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. The term gulab jamun comes from Persian word gulab, which means 'rose water' referring to the rosewater scented syrup, and in Hindi word jamun which means a South Asian fruit which is a similar size and shape of the Gulab Jamun.

Cashew barfi

Barfis are very famous during Diwali season. Cashew barfi or Kaju barfi is sweet cake mad e of cashew nut powder and sugar. Usually it's in the shape of a flat diamond and garnished. Kaju Barfi is one of the expensive Sweets when compared to other Barfis.