Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tips To Keep Your Money Safe While Travelling

Every year millions of people are excited at the thought of venturing out to unknown places either on sightseeing or on business. For those of them traveling for the first time abroad, they will have to take a whole lot of precautions. Often, Travellers fall a victim to the robbers and are robbed of their valuables. Few safety measures you take can make your trip safe. Don't you want only to carry the sweet memories of the trip when you are back home? So next time when you're planning to travel make sure to be careful with few of the safety tips mentioned below.

Don't Get Distracted By Anyone

Many people behave innocent or weird just to distract you. These types of crimes are common in tourist places. The thief's know that you are new to the place and know nothing about the surroundings. This makes them easy to rob you. So, don't fall prey to them. Hence, be alert and don't let them distract you.

Carry Little Cash

Avoid carrying more cash instead carry little cash possible. It's better to depend on credit cards as it can be cancelled if stolen. Another option when planning for abroad is to carry traveller's checks as it's safer than cash and can be refund if stolen. When you reach hotel rooms don't leave money open instead keep it in a closet or in hotel locker to keep it safe.

Divide Your Money

Divide your money and keep it safely in different places. It may sound weird but this is the best option to keep your money safe. You can keep small sum of money in your purse, interior pockets of your dress, in socks, money belts, roll money in pen caps, inside your shoes. These places will help you in case of emergency if you're robbed of your handbags or purse.

Scan Your Documents
When you're planning for abroad trip better scan all your documents Such as the passport, visas, license, credit cards and other important documents. In case you lost the original copy you can show the scanned documents for any of the verification.

Don't Flaunt Money In Public

You're in a crowded place shopping something; take your cash out in small amount. Never show off the money in public. Instead, keep as much as you want in your pocket or inside purse and take out only that which is to be given and not the whole money out. As there would be many people watching over you and they come to know where the cash is easily making them rob the money.