Saturday, October 29, 2011

Top Women Chefs in India

A decade ago, being a chef was not considered a best career for a young woman; today it is seen as a profession. Women have stormed into almost every field and are considered equal to male colleagues. So, when it comes to the kitchen, no wonder they are bridging their gap and reaching higher levels than men. Women have had a long hard road in being recognized as a chef or even allowed to work in this industry. Traditionally, women have been responsible for making simple meals at home. But here are a few who took this everyday job as a passion and made an impact in the culinary world. Meet five young women chefs and find out what makes them a star attraction.

Tarla Dalal

A well-known Indian food writer, who has published more than 100 books and sold over 3 million copies, Tarla Dalal's first cook book'The Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking', was published in 1974. Her cookery show 'Cook It up with Tarla Dalal' was a hit in the early 90s. She also runs the largest Indian food web site, and a bi-monthly magazine, which has been translated into many languages. She has also been conducting cooking classes. In 2007 she started her 'Total Health Series' cookbooks with recipes related to health. Tara Dalal manufactures her own range of ready-to-cook mixes which made work easier for women to cook.

Anjum Anand

Anjum is considered as one of the first food writers to give a twist to Indian recipes that not only tickled taste buds but also catered to the taste of a diet conscious person. Her recipes consisted of mixed traditional dishes, recreated with healthy ingredients and limited oil. She has worked in the kitchens of restaurants based in New York, for Park Royal Hotel in New Delhi, and Tommy Tang at Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles. Her first book 'Indian Every Day: Light Healthy Indian Food' was published when she was 25. Anjum also became a usual guest on UKTV from 2004 to 2007, and was featured in BBC for a two series of Indian Food in 2007.

Madhumita Mohanta

An Executive Chef at Clardiges, Surajkund; she is a well known person who loves food, and that's the reason behind her becoming a chef. Her other interests are reading, exploring and experimenting new types of food. Mohanta has worked in Singapore, Bahrain and Kuwait before she joined Claridges. Her best food includes cooking Italian, Indian and Far Eastern food but when it comes to eating, she loves Bengali food, and wishes to host cookery shows someday.

Kamini Jha

Jha has been proving her determination through complete hard work and willpower. She is the Queen in preparing Tandoori d ishes in The Oberoi. She has not only survived in the industry but also made it big. Cooking was always her favorite pastime; she first entered her home kitchen where she feels comfortable at the age of 10. She's a prominent person in the Oberoi kitchens who focused on chicken tikka, tandoori naan, tandoori aloo, and ajwaini machhi.

Madhu Krishnan

Madhu Krishnan, an Executive Chef in Bangalore, was recognized by her hard work and enthusiasm. Her big moment was wh en she set up the 'West View' at the ITC Maurya, New Delhi in the late 1990s. It was exciting to bring in a new concept of fresh ingredients like scallops, cheeses, olives and Parma ham, which is lightly cooked and served. In those days, no one was seen doing it and people were not prepared to believe anything which was raw and uncooked. Krishnan's next big assignment was at the Grand Maratha, where again, she was able to maintain high standards as an executive chef.