Friday, October 21, 2011

How Safe Is Internet Banking?

Online banks have made banking services so much easier by saving lot of time. Gone are the days, when people used to stand in queues filling the forms. Now it's no more an annoying work for making any transaction with the banks. Online banking has become so popular that it has expanded the services with more websites and better features but, the problem here is with your computer which can be easily tracked.

Many prefer online banking as it is very convenient. Internet banking opens its services for 24hours and 365days a year. Money can be easily transferred at a normal cost. Payments and deposits are done easily. Online is also environment friendly and no paper work is required, also reducing traffic. The customer can immediately log on to his account from any place, at anytime and can check on the transaction even out of state or country. Nevertheless, as they say there are two sides of coin, internet banking also has its own drawbacks. The personal relationship with the banks is lost. The requirement of the customer is not known and hence, making it difficult for the customers to clarifying doubts. Other problems are slow in connections and spending more time accessing the internet.

Most computers are shot of securities. The hacker can access your account and make the banker believe that it's you, and transact all your money. If you decide to take on internet banking then don't forget to take few security measures to be on the safer side. If you have a computer at home then make sure it is first secured by the network manager. Learn on the security software and anti virus software to be away from hackers. All these will make it possible to use internet banking safely. Have a strong password which cannot be traced easily. Never save your password in your computer system, anybody with computer basics can easily trace out your password and misuse it. Always keep your system updated with the latest versions.

Online banking still has a long way to go. Before starting an account, learn the basics of using a computer and the securities. It's better to wait for few more years for the technologies to get advanced, and for internet banking to become safer.