Saturday, February 11, 2012

4 Fruitful Yoga Lessons For Entrepreneurs

Yoga has gained huge recognition due to its advantageous effects in all aspects of life. The aim of practicing yoga is to balance mind and body to attain healthy lifestyle to meet day to day challenges. Yoga and entrepreneurship are two different worlds but still have some similarities like discipline, balance, concentration, flexibility etc.

Entrepreneurs have to face many challenges and responsibilities to achieve goal at work and practicing yoga keeps them going to meet their day-to-day business objectives and eventually helps them in the long run, an article by Young Entrepreneur Council speaks about the pros of inculcating Yoga on routine basis.

1) Be Present:

Yoga teaches ‘Being Present’. This is a simple lesson that teaches how to keep expectations aside and minimize distractions, which will helps the mind be focused at every prospect of work. This lesson translates very well for an entrepreneur’s life as they go through a roller coaster ride to meet work responsibilities, this will help them eventually in the long run to face challenges. Practicing yoga builds concentration and improves presence of mind so that the entrepreneurs can give full attention to each new task that comes their way.

2) Be Restraint:

The lesson of being restraint teaches how to maintain a balance between challenge and comfort. This lesson interprets well into entrepreneurship, sometimes we readily accept challenges to achieve new goals and the other day we prefer to be at our comfort zone. Sticking with comfort zone sometimes probe not so fruitful in the way of success but on other hand quicker and harder does not make big achievements always. The in-depth trick of this lesson is to turn down comfortable habits and become aware of your actual needs. Be watchful of your ‘restraint’ tendencies and dig out the work that suits you the best.

3) Be diligence:

Yoga teaches practitioners to be diligent enough to achieve success. Yoga improves concentration power and persistence, the more you work hard the more expert you will become in a particular field. Sometimes shortcut route tempts entrepreneurs to attain success more quickly and easily but these shortcuts prove to be wrong as always but at times even if these shortcuts turn out to be right some of the valuable lessons are missed in the process the lesson yoga teaches here is hard-work that surely pays off when it comes to achieving goals successfully. Ensure to set practical goals and never get disheartened if your set route is taking time to reach the desired goal, the only mantra at this step would be try again and again to attain success in a diligent way.

4) Stress reduction:

Stress reduction lesson is one good essence of yoga that translates well with entrepreneurs. Though stress is a normal event that occurs in life but it has proved to be futile at many circumstances and hampered productivity.  Stress for longer period is not good for mind and body because it can affect your work life to a great extent. Yoga helps reduce stress, increases resilience and also increases energy level that brings healthy work environment and concentration at work.