Wednesday, February 22, 2012

5 Concepts for Apple, We Wish to be Real

Apple products are famous for its innovation and attractive designs. Here are some interesting Apple concept products over the net which are developed by Apple fans. Keep in mind that these are just a concepts and Apple has not officially designed any of these products. Have a look at the innovative products which Apple fans would love to see in the market.

1. Quicktake, the iCamera

Apple is doing well with the iPhone camera, but have you ever imagined about an Apple camera. The Yanko Design has come up with an Apple iCamera concept called ‘Quicktake.’ The camera has an innovative ever seen design with rotatable screen, its graphic interface looks like an iPad with full touch screen.

The camera features a HD microphone that can record full HD sound-reduce unwanted noise- voice controlled for taking pictures, 32 MP camera lens, 1080 pixels of video recording, 3D panorama mode, LED flash and a wide high-definition LED backlit touchscreen which can spin 360 degrees. It also supports GPS, Wi-Fi, Airprint, Airplay, Photobooth, autofocus, inbuilt editing, HD speakers, social network support and proximity sensor.

2. Apple Treadmill

Recently Apple filed a patent for treadmill that can be hooked up with your iPhone or iPad. The treadmill features a slot for inserting iPhone or iPad and a touch-pad for controlling speed and other adjustments. The data like calories burn and run are stored to your iPhone which you can share it to your PC or cloud for further reference of tracking your runs.

3. iWatch

There are many smart watches in the market which runs on Android OS and has music player, Twitter, Facebook and weather apps.  These watches can also access to an app store for additional functions and is compactable with your smartphones through Bluetooth.

Now Italian outfit ADR Studios has come up with a new concept designed iWatch for Apple. This concept watch features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 16 or 32 GB internal memory, LCD touchscreen, front facing camera is integrated with RSS readers, social networking and other apps support,

4. iJewelry

Another Yanko Designed Apple concept product is iJewelry. Yes the designer has come up with tech-jewelry like ring and bangle for Apple. The iRing is actually a Bluetooth device and looks quite pretty to be worn on your finger. You can connect the iRing to your iPhone or iPod. The iRing features touch function for controlling volume, play, pause and all other media functions.

The iBangle is designed for wrist, which can be a next generation iPod Nano. It features multi-touch functionality, Bluetooth, aluminum body, music controls and a cushion inside the ring blows air to keep the bangle grip against your wrist.

5. iGlasses

Another innovative concept by some Apple fans is the iGlasses. The spectacle has display which shows what’s going on in your smartphone. It displays notifications like new message and emails. The glasses can be connected with Bluetooth and acts as a head-up display for web browsing, viewing images and watching videos.

Recently a report said that Google will launch hi-tech glasses with in-built computer display. These Google glasses will be armed with cameras, an Android operating system, and could be on sale soon. This shows the possibility that Apple may also come up to play in this new field.