Sunday, January 8, 2012

How Can MBA Graduates Sail Through Interviews?

 The successful completion of a 2year course in MBA should not be your ultimate goal. You should aspire to get yourself placed in a well reputed firm. A few things need to be taken care of before attending an interview. They are:

RESUME: Make sure that you carry with you a well-prepared resume filling in all the essential details. Your CV can create a first impression about you in the mind of the interviewer. The CV carries all the personal details, but you will surely get a question like,’ so, tell me about yourself’. So be prepared to give a brief self introduction, apart from the things already mentioned in your resume.

SELF-INTRODUCTION: In the introduction section, you can share your goals, skills, reasons for joining MBA, once you get selected how you intend to serve the company and so on. You should be well aware of your strength and weaknesses and better try to stress on the positive aspects of your personality.

KNOW THE COMPANY’S BACKGROUND: Before attending an interview, try to collect maximum information about the company from websites and other reliable sources. Point out some positives of the company which attracted you. If you have previously worked in any other firm the reasons for you quitting the job and joining the new firm might be asked.

EXPECTED SALARY: For the question on salary expectations you can be bit diplomatic, by saying that it obviously depends on your caliber.

The final question from the interview board will be how you stand unique from the applicants; here you should try to convince the interviewer about your talents and how you are going to enrich the organization.

BE CONFIDENT: Be confident while attending an interview and try to dress in a modest manner.Carry all the required documents along with your resume.