Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Android Devices are Born than Babies

Approximately 700,000 Android devices are activated each day around the globe based on the statistics from December last year.

Youtube’s Head of Content, Robert Kyncl revealed the number in CES last week. According to this, Android activations are double than the number of births, which is approximately 300,000 per day according to the UN.

The number seems to remain high at least for a short time as many manufacturers continue to launch their Android devices. An Italy based company had launched their Android based ‘Smart Watch’ at CES 2012, which has a music player, applications and is also compatible with Smartphones.

As quoted in ZDNet, Android OS is going to power a variety of devices including TV, oven and the future is going to witness an ‘in home Android revolution’.

With Androids main rival iOS, currently powering only Apple’s devices and Windows Phone7, still struggling to find the market share, the future seems bright for Android if Google can address the increasing ‘fragmentation’ problem.