Wednesday, January 11, 2012

India's Tiniest Passenger Cars v/s U.S. Biggest Passenger SUV

With Tata Nano entering the battle ground of cars, the competition for economical cars has become tougher. Working on same terms, Bajaj too made an entry into this segment by launching a four wheeler vehicle of their own, RE60, which is very much similar to Tata Nano. Though the vehicle has some changes in terms of features, it is very similar to Tata Nano. The cute looking Tata Nano is already familiar to the Indian roads and scores high in terms of fuel efficiency. Best known as, the budget car of India, Nano has been blessed with 624cc engine with the capacity of generating a maximum power of 37Hp. Compared to other cars; mileage is also not an issue to worry. With solid design and comfortable interiors, Nano is dominating the auto market.

On the other hand, Bajaj RE60 has recently jumped into the market and appears to be a threat to Nano's position in the market. With excellent fuel efficiency, RE60 is also favored with low emission level. The DTSi technology will work wonders for it.

The Tata Nano is the bigger car having length 3.1m, width 1.5m and height 1.6m, whereas, the RE60 is comparatively smaller having length 2.7m, width 1.6m and height 1.3m. Both the cars can accommodate 4 passengers; hence this is a criterion that can be best decided by the users. The car does not seem to have much difference in terms of pricing. A proper comparison cannot be drawn in regard to price as RE60 has not declared its price officially.

Rumors are in the air that Bajaj will provide RE60 with some advanced features to enhance the security features of the car.

Since RE60 has not yet hit the Indian roads we have got the chance to judge it through only its launch at the Auto Expo 2012. As of now Nano sounds to be best in comparison.

Three years ago Nano was the only possible smaller and cheaper car in India, but with Bajaj RE60's entry into the market, the monopoly came to an end.

If these two miniature passenger cars are the economical and budget cars of India we have Escalade, the biggest American passenger car in U.S. A small comparison was done by CNN's Fareed Zakari. Escalade weighs around 7,100 pounds, while Indian cars weigh around 880 pounds. Nano and RE60 get 82 miles respectively, while the Escalade gets 18 miles to the gallon. Talking about the price, Escalade costs over $80,000 that is 40 times more what is expected for cars in India. The 8 seater Escalade is comfortable enough in comparison to 4 seater Tata Nano and Bajaj RE60.