Monday, January 9, 2012

Zumba Zumba to Stay Fit

What better way of exercising can a person opt for than dance? Dance as a fitness exercise not only makes the body flexible but makes every muscle in the body move. It is an inexpensive and fun way to keep fit, helping one lose weight and to tone the muscles and helps inculcate grace and poise. Apart from the fitness freaks that enjoy lifting weights, dumbbells, running and stretching another way to fitness is the dance exercise. It helps burns calories, acts as a stress buster and a mental stimulator; it helps build muscle power and a healthy heart. All kinds of dances can help make anyone fit but the most well known dance exercises that one can take part in are:

Zumba: Zumba as a dance form has become more popular in the world of fitness lately. It can be described as a Latin inspired dance fitness program which incorporates choreography from a variety of dance styles. Some of the styles that Zumba uses include hip-hop, salsa, samba, meringue, mambo and martial arts. Unlike a typical dance class where counts are used, Zumba is a form where the class follows the music with repetitive steps. This form of exercise requires a lot of energy and the dance moves mainly work on the waist, hips and legs. The classes are designed for all levels of ability, including beginners. It is an exercise that puts a person in a great mood and is a good workout.

Hip-hop: It is a style of dance that originated from the USA but has become popular world-wide, and is a great way to keep fit. It is basically any style of dance that is primarily danced to hip-hop music including street dancing, breaking, locking and popping. The dance form is a great way to strengthen the abdominals and the choreography includes lots of hip, pelvic and waist rolling. The benefits of the dance form are that it strengthens the thighs, glutes, calves and other muscles in the legs and arms. It is also a cardio exercise that gets the heart pumping and the breathing rate up. Hip hop dance puts less of an impact of the feet and knees so one can use it as a new way of working out.

Jazz: Jazz is a traditional Caribbean dance. It is a high impact workout. It is a style of dance with many different influences generally high energy kicks, leaps and turns to the beat of the music. Modern jazz is influenced by other styles such as acro, ballet, contemporary and hip-hop. The slow movement of the tap technique in jazz strengthens the body and improves balance. It also helps correct posture. Jazz tones every muscle in the body and the strong sharp turns and jumps used in the dance form helps to keep the body agile. The aerobic nature of the dance builds up the physical endurance. Another important benefit of the dance is that it can help one increase the level of concentration.

Pole Dancing: Pole dancing has increasingly gained popularity in the recent years as a fitness routine. It is a dance form that helps strip off the weight. The dance is about having fun and the moves include twirling, spinning and swinging. Women of all ages and sizes are free to use this dance form in order to get fit. It helps increase flexibility, improve posture, tone up, burn calories and improve confidence. Pole dancing is a form infused with gymnastics. The benefits of this form of exercise are that it helps strengthen stomach muscles and it provides the muscle definition in the arms, bottom and thighs. It also increases the upper body strength. It is a form of dance which is definitely not boring and provides extra health benefits too.

Belly Dancing: The best way to get sexy flat abs is to try belly dancing. This form of dance exercise helps tone the glutes, belly, chest and thigh muscles. It helps improve flexibility and balance. The controlled movements in the dance help in achieving taut muscles. It is a low impact form of exercise. It makes use of muscle groups in the abdomen, pelvis, trunk, spine, and neck, working with the body instead of against it. It is also a form of dance meditation and the slow, graceful dancing is useful in reducing the stress levels. Women of all ages can enjoy this form of exercise while the dance form also helps increase self esteem.

Bollybics:  Bollybics is a dance form which is a combination of Bollywood numbers and aerobics. This is a great form of cardio and is a high energy workout. It helps to tone nearly all parts of the body like legs, arms, hips and waist. This form of exercise is best suited for all the gym haters as the dance is tuned to the beats of popular filmi music. It is an aerobic workout that helps burn intense calories while dancing to one’s favorite songs. The peppy dance work out using signature movie dance steps is certainly a lot of fun.