Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Intel 'Clover Trail' to Power Windows 8 Tablet

 Computer manufacturer Acer and Lenovo are planning to launch Windows 8 tablet powered by Intel’s Clover Trail processor in the third quarter this year, reports Digitimes.

The report also says, the Clover Trail is scheduled for release until June and it’s about the same time that Windows 8 is expected to reach the market. Intel has not yet provided any details about specifications and availability of Clover Trail. However, Intel will provide a demo of Clover Trail based prototype tablet which runs on Windows 8 OS at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in January 2012.

While, Intel’s Medfield has not yet released and it seems that the company is talking about its successor Clover Trail. Intel has also said to launch Medfield processor in January 2012 at CES which is developed to improve the performance of smartphones and tablets. But the difference is that the Medfield will focus on Android based devices and Clover Trail will focus more on Windows 8 based devices.

It is clear that Intel is likely to come in two varieties of processors in 2012, Medfield in the first quarter and Clover Trail in the third quarter of 2012.