Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Aishwaryaa miffed over Dhanush-Shruti closeness

Everyone was eagerly looking forward to "3" that saw the Superstar's elder daughter, Aishwaryaa, debut as a director. With Dhanush and Shruti Haasan as the romantic lead, the expectations were high but the film opened to mixed reviews. But behind the scenes of the team's happy faces, Kollywood says there's a completely different yet similar love story.

The buzz in the industry is that Dhanush and Shruti's mindblowing chemistry on-screen is as a result of their reported closeness off screen - which has now supposedly caused a rift in his marriage. And it looks like it was the promotions of 3 that split their relationship wide open.

"Numerous instances in the public forum over the last few weeks have lent credence to the fact that there are issues between the couple," says an industry source, "Dhanush, Shruti and Anirudh were on a radio show chatting away happily but the minute Aishwaryaa joined them, Dhanush feigned a headache and walked off the show."

Some of the comments he has made about his director-wife in public have also allegedly not gone down well with her and fights have erupted as a result.

At the premiere of "3" too, it looked like all was indeed not well with the couple. According to people present, Dhanush came in first followed by Shruti with whom he spent considerable time alone.

When Aishwaryaa came in and the team stood for pictures, the two ladies, say witnesses, made it a point to look in opposite directions.

Adds the source, "Dhanush is apparently doing his best at avoiding his wife in public and his closeness with Shruti has now become more evident for all to see. Aishwaryaa is said to be upset about the way Dhanush has been treating her."

Meanwhile, we hear that Rajinikanth, who returned early Monday morning, is also apparently upset with the domestic situation.

Despite repeated attempts to contact Aishwaryaa and Dhanush, both of them remained unavailable for comment.