Monday, April 23, 2012

Daniel Craig reveals reason to play 'superspy'

Few men haven't dreamed of being James Bond, even if for one day. A vintage Aston Martin that exudes luxury, slick gadgets ranging from a poison pen to a laser-edged hat, and just the right amount of charm to get their pick of the most gorgeous women; what's not to want? So it's surprising that none of it appeals most to Daniel Craig, who's been Bond since 2006.

"I get a kick out of doing the films, but the best part is the excitement in working with such an incredible cast and crew. I am also aware that the chance to make such movies is a rarity," says Craig, who will be seen in Skyfall - the 23rd Bond film, and his third - this year.

Much has been said about Skyfall, but there is little we actually know about it. In true Bond fashion, the crew seems to be sworn to secrecy. A plot synopsis only reveals that Bond's loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. Any attempt to coax more out of Craig is in vain, "M is a stripper in Morocco!" he says cheekily.

Even the title is shrouded in mystery. "It's a Flemingian title with different meanings, we'll see what it means when the film comes out," says producer Barbara Broccoli. What they do reveal, is that there'll be a lot of Craig himself, as he dons tiny swimming trunks once again. "Any opportunity for him to take his clothes off," laughs Broccoli.

Craig, who recently played a journalist in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - a part for which he put on weight - is back in shape. But he doesn't like discussing how he did it. "I tried to get as fit as I could, did cardiovascular exercise, physiotherapy once a week..." he trails off, and then pretends to doze off.

Jany Temime, who designed the costumes for Skyfall, says his body is "wonderfully fit", though she refuses to reveal exact measurements.

The film, which marks 50 years since the first Bond film, Dr No, wasn't easy to make. Financial troubles with MGM studios stalled production for over a year, until MGM's problems settled and Sony Pictures got on board as well.

But for Craig and the crew, the delay was a blessing. "We were lucky to get a break from making the movie, as it gave us a chance to develop the script and story. We could throw around ideas, and see the characters experience incredible things," says the actor.